Frozen Live!

December 18, 2016 Posted by Susie Seiter - No Comments

In December I traveled to Sofia, Bulgaria to conduct Frozen live! The score and songs were challenging and the show required an incredible amount of endurance. The first half was an hour and 10 minutes long, featuring 12 numbers with only 7 second breaks in between.  The second half featured 10 long numbers of similar pace. I had seven rehearsals between the strings, full orchestra and choir the week before and we had a special guest artist, national celebrity 9 year old Krisiya to sing the encore “Let it go.” We performed at the National theater which once served as a communist meeting amphitheater. Together with the Sofia Philharmonic and Bulgarian original cast, we performed the entire score and songs live to the movie in front of 4000 people, mostly families with small children dressed as princesses!